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The UK is looking for the rapid provision of expert advisors in disaster areas and the implementation of a Disaster Recovery Rapid Response Plan. As such, ARK Group DMCC is looking for expert advisors with the skills noted below to form part of a team that will respond to a call down contract, which will be activated when a natural disaster is either forecast at a level that is highly likely to cause damage resulting in disruption, or such an event has occurred. The initial focus is the Caribbean Islands but the response may be directed to other locations. The incumbent will need to show ability and availability to be deployed to emergency locations in short notice.

1. Assessment
Provide relevant sectoral leadership and expertise in assessments.
Conduct initial rapid assessment of current situation in collaboration with local stakeholders and affected population; determine priorities and immediate activities and resources i.e. more detailed assessment versus need to address immediate Airports and Ports problems.
Represent ARK to stakeholders and Governmental and non-Governmental agencies (and military where present) for the purposes of the Airports and Ports aspect of the assessment.
Assess in-country resources, human, material and financial for response with relevant staff and agencies.
2. Programme Design
Define aims and objectives of the overall Airports and Ports program.
Select and design the most appropriate forms/settings of Airports and Ports taking full account of local conditions, resources, customs and cultural norms.
Ensure that issues of protection, gender, livelihoods, DRR and environmental impact, operation and maintenance and sustainability are factored into the program design.
Ensure relevant standards and laws both qualitative and quantitative are considered and any departures documented.
Develop letters of intent, concept papers, budgets and proposals in respect of the above.
3. Response Management and Implementation
Plan and manage Airports and Ports program in a phased and prioritised manner with full consultation and co-ordination with ARK staff and other agencies both governmental and non-governmental.
Ensure gender is fully considered throughout the project cycle with women being enabled to influence decision- making around Airports and Ports issues.
Organise with the Logistics Team materials and support needed for all activities.
Design and develop appropriate supervisory, monitoring and evaluation systems for Airports and Ports interventions.
4. Information and Co-ordination
Provide regular updates to the Emergency Team leader and team on progress, priorities and constraints – verbally and in writing.
Represent ARK to governmental and non-governmental groups as needed and agreed with the Team Leader.
Represent ARK in relevant Cluster activities.

5. Human Resources and Administration
Coordinate and/or implement training and briefing of ARK staff and stakeholders on Airports and Ports issues.
Other tasks as requested by supervisor.

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