Program Manager and legal representative of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe in Haiti

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Service / Consultancy contract


Job Title:                             Program Manager and legal representative of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe  in Haiti

Location:                             Port-au-Prince

Level:                                   International

Start date:                           01.11.2018

Ending date:                       31.12.2019  (possible extension)

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (hereinafter referred to as DKH), part of the Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development (PADD), is present with an operative structure in Haiti since 2007.  The majority of the humanitarian projects take place in the department of the South-East South and North-West Department.


Since late 2016 the DKH/LWF/NCA Joint Office was formed, to tackle the triple challenge of covering operational costs, reduced funding and increased needs in the country, and to take advantage of synergies and complementarities.  The Joint Office was designed to function with a unified staff and payroll.  In mid-2018, a structural adjustment to allow DKH to manage its portfolio and finances separately was decided, but still with significant shared services and work with the Joint Office.  LWF and NCA will function together under the LWF standard, and the Joint Office will still have a Joint Country Director, who is part of a Steering Committee with representatives from all three headquarters which guides the work of the Joint Office.  The new administrative structure will come into force from January 2019, with the remaining time of 2018 being a time of transition. The DKH unit will comprise eight persons, of which the majority will be transitioning from the current staff of the Joint Office.[1]


1.    Management and Coordination (25%)

a.        Responsible for Smooth Running of the DKH unit and cooperation within the Joint Office

·         Take charge of the legal registration of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe as international NGO as well as ensure compliance of DKH with Haitian laws and with relevant Haitian authorities.

·         Ensure accomplishment and compliance of all rules, procedures and standards of DKH and backdoors including logistic, procurement, inventory, etc. and as agreed within the Joint Office

·         Follow up on the MoU and Shared Service Agreement with the LWF/NCA

·         Coordinate with the Country Director of the Joint Office, with the Programme Manager of LWF/NCA as well with the relevant Managers and Coordinators of the Joint Office (from LWF/NCA).

·         Represent DKH when presentation of a unique organization of the Joint Office is required.

b.       DKH visibility and communication

According to DKH standards and as agreed in MoU

c.        Responsible for sound Financial and Administrative accountability

·         Supervise and/or coordinate the work of the Administration and Finance with the relevant DKH position of the DKH unit as well as with the Joint Office.

·         Ensure compliance and accountability of all fiscal controls with the requirements and regulations of the back-donor agencies, the Standard Procedures for Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Offices Abroad (SPOA), the local laws and the International Recognised Accounting Principles.

·         Guarantee that audit processes are followed timely and inform HQ about any inconveniences during the preparation and execution of the audit.

·         Oversee budgets and financial reports.

d.       Responsible for Personnel Management

According to DKH standards, rules and procedures agreed within the Joint Office and Haitian law.

2.   Responsible for Program Coordination and Project Management (50%)

·         Support the operationalization, monitoring and reporting of joint country strategy, being DKH directly responsible for the objective related to Disaster Risk Management and Reduction, including community preparedness, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning as well as immediate humanitarian response and jointly with the Office for the Objective related to the Capacity development of Partner Organizations.

·         Develop further, strengthen, build capacities and report on the strategic program approach of Disaster Risk Management and Reduction, including community preparedness, Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning with the experts of the DKH unit and in close collaboration with DKH HQ and the other Departments of the Joint Office.

·         Organize and participate in the partner organizations assessment and development of a partner capacity strengthening in all areas related to humanitarian action.

·         Identify and pursue funding opportunities to sustain the country program in close cooperation with the Program Manager of LWF/NCA and under the leadership of the Joint Country director.

·         Ensure successful implementation and quality assurance of all projects and program related activities, with regard to all stages of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting of the Project/Program Cycle as well as additional technical support.

3.   Responsible for Health, Safety and Security (25%)

DKH is directly responsible for the sector of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) of the Joint Office, being accountable for the safety and security of DKH staff and not being accountable for LWF/NCA contracted staff. These activities are based on a HSS Plan and derived activities. There are activities for the Joint Office and for DKH only.


Minimum requested qualifications

·         Masters Degree in relevant field (Disaster Risk Management, Disaster Risk Reduction)

·         Proven experience in Health, Safety and Security; program management; humanitarian response; emergency preparedness; Planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (PMER) and Financial management

·         5-7 years experience in managing staff and partners and commitment to team building and mentoring

·         Minimum of 7 years experience working in the field with an INGO

·         Proven experience in fundraising for international institutional agencies and managing budgets with divers donor basis

·         Demonstrated understanding of key principles of humanitarian assistance, including humanitarian principles, standards and methodology

·         Good understanding of partnership management

·         Excellent written and spoken English and French


Further appreciated competencies

·         Experience working in Haiti

·         Appreciative of multicultural environments,

·         Experience in change management processes and organizational learning

·         Willingness to engage in continuous learning and trainings

·         Haitian Creole and German


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