Country Coordinator. Location: Sierra Leone

General Coordination and Management


Sierra Leone








2 years min


Employee contract


Coordinate Médicos del Mundo’s mission in Sierra Leona, making sure that the quality of our interventions and its alignment and coherence with the values, principles and the Organization’s procedures.
Participate and monitor the sectorial coordination reunions and themes in Freetown.

The coordination is based in Kabala, the capital of the Konaidugu district, making displacement to the country’s capital, Freetown as well as other regions.

The post is integrated in MdM International Program Department. The chosen person will directly work with Sierra Leona’s monitoring technique and under the Africa Coordination Unit’s supervision.

Representation, communication and positioning
• Represent MdM and keep contact with the country authorities, other NGO’s, agencies, international and national organizations, donors and civil society
• Contribute to the International Strategic Program Department Plan’s objective’s achievement

Definition and planification of the of MdM’s performance in Sierra Leona
• Elaborate the Country’s Strategy considering the organization’s vison and values, as well as the transversal topics.
• Identify the vulnerability problems regarding health rights in the area of operation and develop advocacy stages.
• Organize the collection of evidence necessary for the political incidence and possible denunciation activities.
• Propose and manage exploratory missions according to the detected needs and within the resource capacity of the organization.
• Elaborate and present proposals for the new projects by defining strategies, objectives, characteristics, etc. guaranteeing MdM strategic vision and principles.
• Identify networks in the country that favour the organization’s work.

Project management
• Has the final responsibility in the objectives’ consecution and results of all the MdM’s projects in the country.
• Coordinate the operative centre of the organisation that are present in the country.
• Elaborate the annual planification of all the projects with the project coordination in accordance with the organization's annual operational planning.
• Make sure that, with the project coordination, the formulation procedures and quality project management, quality and form, according to the donors’ regulations and internal of MdM.
• Supervisar y evaluar la progresión de las acciones visitando con regularidad el terreno y estableciendo estrategias de reorientación si fuera necesario.
• Mapping and contact with the funders and potential strategic associates of the organization
• Plan with coordinators the needs regarding human resources and precise materials for the correct action implementation.
• Send the intern follow up reports (quarterly reports) and the justificatory reports (follow up) and final) for the financial entities, with the its verification sources and justificatory reports
• Accompany the auditory and or project evaluations with the project coordination.

Human resources management
• Supervise the national people management policy in coordination with the people’s management department and have the maximum integrity and personnel implication to the team and MdM’s work to promote
• Fomentar la comunicación y la participación de todo el personal en el desarrollo de los proyectos, así como los valores y filosofía de MdM.
• Impulse and implement the MdM’s volunteer program in the field.

• Supervise the standardization of the country’s security plan according to the general policy of the organization’s security
• Make sure the monthly financial statements and documents are sent to the head office.
• Elaborate and update, with the coordination and project administrations and the country, the planification.
• Develop a collaboration framework with possible international financers
• Make sure that the country’s security plan is updated according to the general policy of the organization’s security
• Supervise the achievement of the internal norms of the organization related with the security measures
• Monitor the application of the country's security criteria and the follow-up of the alert levels of all personnel.

Urgencies management
• To actively and continuously monitor potential emergencies in the country by participating in national monitoring groups.
• Periodically update, together with the team, the contingency plans.
• Evaluate, together with the humanitarian action unit and the team, the emergency situations that may arise and propose possible interventions or support to the Ministry of Health.
• Support the humanitarian action unit in coordination with the strategic emergency response.


Required: University Degree.
Highly desirable: formation in gender and human rights, international health, social sciences related with the sanitary area (medical anthropology, medical sociology, medical economy, environment and health), Studies in Cooperation Development and Humanitarian Action, Project Cycle Management with Developmental Results Orientation and Theory of Change
Languages: High level of spoken and written English. High level of spoken and written Spanish.
Computing: handling of MS-Office applications.
Driver licence. B1 desirable.

Field experience in international development cooperation and/or humanitarian action, preferably with health organizations, is essential. Previous experience of at least 2 years in positions of similar level and responsibility, especially in Africa

Knowledge in the management of gender, human rights and intercultural approaches. Communication skills, negotiation, empathy, diplomacy and protocol.
Human resource management skills.
Organisational and teamwork skills.
Rigorousness and autonomy in the work.
Dynamism and flexibility.
Management of security protocols in the field and assessment of the political situation.
Experience in emergency situations desirable.

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