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According to the organization plan for the NES mission in Syria, the main objective is to guarantee the logistic viability of the MdM project in North East Syria and to consolidate the operational set up for MdM in the zone.


As Logistics Coordinator, he/she will be in supporting the NES Coordination in the implementation of the security policy. He/she will provide logistics support and guidance to the rest of the team in order to obtain an updated analysis of the logistics and security situation. Alignment with MdM values and policies will be mandatory.


The successful candidate will be based in Kobane (50%), Amuda (45%) and Dohuk (5%)


The successful candidate will be part of the Humanitarian team and will reports to the NES Coordinator, as well, he/she will have direct technical link with Logistic Referent in HQ.


Projects logistics activities planning & follow up

·        Participates actively in the definition and update of annual project planning and budgets.

·        Is responsible for preparation of all orders

·        Provides support to field logistics staff in regards with logistics management

·        Ensuring the national staff will progressively take responsibility of all the logistics procedures

·        Supervises and assess progress made in logistics area at project level while visiting regularly all the fields; proposes to Head of Mission reorientation strategies, when necessary.

·        Works in close collaboration with finance department for the planning and needs of all purchases.

·        In collaboration with NES Coordinator, plans human and material logistic resources needed for the correct implementation of activities.

·        Keep logistical documents in database updated and filed properly.

·        Monthly reports to Team Leader and Log Referent in HQ: Situation Report, open Dossiers, ongoing contracts, inventories.



·        Participates in the preparation of mission security guidelines.

·        Implement the general security policy in collaboration with the Head of Mission

·        Ensures that security is guaranteed to the highest level possible in the whole mission by implementing all MDM guidelines and working closely with Head of Mission on all security issues.

·        Ensure that all necessary measures are taken in order to avoid theft, destruction or other type of damage of MDM material and property.



·        Organises the mission supply chain system according to MdM protocols and guidelines.

·        Ensures that local purchases are done according to supply system and that quality and services provided respond to MDM standards.

·        Ensures that logistics orders are done correctly, on the basis of consumptions and future needs.


·        Ensures that administrative procedures related to supply are done according to protocols.

·        Ensures the good preparation of packages and freight to be sent from capital to the project.



·        Ensures that storage, packing and management of stocks are done according to protocols

·        Provides logistical support to medical department to ensure adequate storing, packing and pharmacy management.

·        Ensures there is a close monitoring and regular physical counting of the stocks in the mission.



·        Ensures that communication means in the mission have the required level and quality, always trying to find alternatives for cheaper communication. 

·        Ensures a permanent access to communication between HQ and projects and between all bases.

·        Ensures all staff benefits from proper training on how to use communications equipment available in the mission, i.e. satellite phones, HF and VHF radios, computers, etc.

·        Ensures that all numbers and frequencies are updated and available to all staff in the mission.


Water and Sanitation

·        Ensures there is a regular follow up and on-time diagnosis of the sanitary situation in MDM working and leaving areas.

·        Ensures that all water and sanitation logistical protocols are respected during MdM activities.


Vehicles and Engines

·        Ensures that the fleet of vehicles meets the needs of the mission and complies with MDM standards.

·        Ensures the quality and efficiency of the service required for all vehicles and engines, according to MDM guidelines.

·        Ensures the safety and the organisation of all MDM staff and materials transportation.



·        Ensures the safety, proper use, proper storage and maintenance of MDM material.

·        Ensure that inventories of all material and equipment used exist and are updated.


Team Management

·        Technical follow up of the logistics staff

·        Participates in selection and follow up of all logistics related staff. 

·        Contributes to the proper induction of new staff, ensuring that logistics briefings are done with relevant staff.

·        Identifies people showing potential within the logistic staff.

·        Ensures a proper handover of all the logistics responsibilities to the national staff.


·        Academic: University degree or diploma.

·        A Master in International Cooperation and/or Humanitarian Aid is desirable.


·        Languages: Very high level of spoken and written English

·        Office pack user level.



·        The successful candidate must have at least 5 years’ field experience in emergency situations. At least 3 years’ experience in positions with similar responsibility and working on planning, design, management and monitoring of programmes from NGDO in fragile scenarios to complex emergencies.

·        Experience in project planning, implementation and evaluation is desirable. Team coordination experience.

·        Experience in security policies implementation in conflict zones.


·        High organizational capacity and for adaptation to emergency and post-emergency situations.

·        Proven capacity for team leadership and management.

·        Team work and networking capacity.

·        Thoroughness and self-sufficiency at work.

·        Strict compliance with the safety protocols established for the country and MdM mission

·        Identification with the lines of work, values and mission of Médicos del Mundo.


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